Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Thrist Cabbage

Yeah, it took more than a year (and dcoutts help on IRC), but finally I've gathered all my hackage-foo to submit a new thrist package (v1.1.1). Its main purpose is to require base v4.0 or higher. As an added bonus (Thrist p) now provides a Category instance. I have also added an Arrow (Thrist (->)) instance, but its first method is bogus as of now. I plan to correct this with v1.1.2.

My plans for 0.2 are:
  • adaptors Data.Thrist.Monad, Data.Thrist.List (aka. R*), Data.Thrist.Arrow, all with their respective sensible class instances,
  • tests.
Then sometime I can start setting up some cool stuff to demonstrate hoare-triples in thrist setting.

We'll see.