Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Programming with my Daughter

Today I had a short programming session with my 7 year old. I had shown her earlier what a list is and she came back several times already to show her "more lists".
So this time I thought we could do something more interesting. A letter-changing game! I fired up GHCi and entered:

Prelude⟩ let satz = "Leleka hat Kacke in der Hose"
Prelude⟩ print satz
"Leleka hat Kacke in der Hose"

She loved it so far. Fun is the strongest motivator to learn for kids…

Then came the changer for letters:

Prelude⟩ let tausch = \x → case x of {'L' → 'K'; 'e' → 'i'; 'i' → 'u'; 'u' → 'e'; x → x }

Then I applied it on the phrase defined earlier:

Prelude⟩ map tausch satz
"Kilika hat Kacki un dir Hosi"

This did it. She kept repeating the transformed sentence for an hour, giggling. I tried to explain to her what we did just now, but I guess I'll wait till next time to make her repeat this exercise.