Monday, March 31, 2008

ETAPS Budapest

I am in Budapest since Saturday, and I love it. The weather is excellent, I am in the middle of some very nice people and I can do what I like most: brainstorming cool concepts.
At a satellite event yesterday (DCC - Designing Correct Circuits) I met Tim and after the workshop we actually came to chat a plenty on Omega. I very much felt like a satellite, because I did not participate at the conference itself, just hanging around the lobby and the workshop rooms, using the "free" WLAN and thinking about what to do next.
Today then was our first Omega hacking day. Building on the googlecode repository's trunk version Tim checked in everything he had on his laptop, and now we can do concurrent development. Both the documentation and the release management toolchain have been overhauled and checked in, along with a testsuite.

This is already much more than what I dreamed of...

Tomorrow we'll go thru the issue list, squashing as many bugs as possible and I might get back to the LLVM generation branch. Another interested student will join us, an Hungarian guy called Tamás.

This is finally the place to thank Dr. Horváth Zoltán, who has very kindly offered us rooms in the university to have our hacking sessions in complete peace.

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