Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things I hate

Each year the same tragicomedy. Filling out my tax declaration. After procrastinating the first half of the year, and seeing that everybody else already has done it. Being dragged kicking and screaming by my wife (I love her nevertheless). Sometimes I even volunteer to do the stuff.
But every time I read the forms I do not understand how to fill in the right values. The words make so little sense to me. Even if I figured it out last year, it has almost no value, I have already forgotten it. So I can only stare at the last year's form and try to find the corresponding box, which is not so easy since the boxes tend to wander around. I usually give up and opt for another messed-up evening.

And now there are the tax papers for my wife also to be done, yes, her company is new and the bureaucracy requests 12 reports a year and a final declaration. That is not enough, this all has to be made official and another two exemptions handed in till end of May.

Welcome to Germany!

I definitely prefer programming to this.

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