Friday, November 12, 2010


I have just uploaded the thrist-0.2 package to hackage. All credit goes to Brandon Simmons, who has added significant functionality and now provides some functions for thrists that are more in line with the prelude. Brandon has accepted to be a co-author to the library and I am very happy about it. Welcome, Brandon!

For the users of the package this is good news, as I am a little dim spot on the outer sectors of the haskell radar, while Brandon is a savvy and ambitioned person, and to continue with my previous metaphor, a bright green dot on the screen, swiftly moving towards the center :-)

This post is a kind of mini release note for the release. Being an experimental package we do not intend to guarantee API stability, so we took the freedom to rename routines to make naming more consistent with the prelude. foldThrist is now foldrThrist and it got a bunch of new cousins too. Notably the types are much wider now, which allows for some more magic to happen. Finally, the haddock comments have been enhanced and as-of-present actually tell something.

Please ignore the sub-modules for now, they are unfinished, and much more experimental than the rest (I have not got around researching a compelling solution yet). A RevThrist (or similar) GADT did not make it into the release, I hope I can cram it in sometime later.

Anyway, enjoy the lib!

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