Monday, August 19, 2013

Compiling GHC on RHEL6

Compared to building GHC on RHEL5 this is a breeze.

git is in the installation — check
perl bootcheck
./configurebreaks, linker does not find
I built gmp from sources, and installed it into my home directory.

But... it still did not build :-(

As always, Stack Overflow for the win!

did the trick.

For good measure I also added
--with-gmp-libraries=$HOME/lib --with-gmp-includes=$HOME/include
to the configure line, but this might be redundant?

(Another thought, find seems to reveal some under /usr, I might point it there.)

So, finally,

./configure ...check

The part that involves building was the pleasure part:

nice make -j14check

Then I dared running the test suite:

make testcheck

This step takes its time, as it is not parallelizable.

There is only one drop of bitterness, namely the stage2 compiler does not run on RHEL5. But that is something I did not expect, actually.

make installcheck

nothing unexpected here.

Have fun with GHC on RHEL6!

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