Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The HaL2 Harvest

Yesterday's Haskell in Leipzig was an interesting and entertaining mix of demonstrations of Haskell programming in real life. It was definitely worth my long travel.
The organization of the meeting was excellent, the venue somewhat esoteric for a conference, but could not have been selected better.
Of course I preferred some talks over the others, all in all I returned with some new clues.

The best thing is that the talks and subsequent discussions have been videotaped and should show up on Youtube soon. This way everybody can participate.

Personally I managed to seed some attendants with an early draft of my paper on thrists, I am really curious and anxious about the feedback I get. Already in the car I established a connection between categories and thrists, objects being Ωmega's type level entities and morphisms being the values that populate the first parameter to the thrist. It was very helpful to have a student in my car whom I could abuse as an idea-sink :-). On the return (me being really sleepy) he payed it back.
At the meeting this idea got consolidated in my discussion to Mr. Zirnstein, who suggested free categories. I am already in the process of integrating this feedback into the paper.

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