Sunday, July 15, 2007

Writing Papers is Hard

It is some months ago that I started with my paper
"Thrists: Dominoes of Data",
which aims at generalizing function composition and in my opinion is a nice vehicle for other programming tasks too.
It has only nine pages, and the really troublesome areas are still in front:
  • writing the references
  • fine-tuning the text flow
  • stylistic enhancements
I would like to publish it for some serious conference or journal of course, ASAP. This means I have to respect their style guide, which can be non-trivial, as they only provide LaTeX stationery, and I am using lout for my typesetting. Looks like I have to transcribe them :-(

Anyway, today finally I arrived at a point that I can offer an early draft to the interested public.
The feedback so far appears positive, which makes me spin. Thanks to all who took the trouble of reading through a very rough draft.

Overall, one can put an infinite amount of work and time into such a short paper, which makes me marvelling at people who seem to produce high-quality papers at a seemingly monthly rate. They must have some secret trick I do not know -- yet!

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